February 8, 2019

Some Of The Best Astronomy Software For Kids

Getting to know of the heavenly bodies beyond our planet is an important part of learning for kids. Apart from it being a must-have in any educational curriculum, it’s also a great way for kids to be amazed. Astronomy, and everything it entails is actually a super fun topic for kids to engage in, and hence it’s no surprise that there are several astronomy for kids apps, software, and other activities that can be accessed both in school and at home. With that said, below are some of the best astronomy software that kids can make use of for educational and entertainment purposes.


It has an interface like that of a browser, but is dedicated to giving its users several digitized astronomical images of heavenly bodies in various wavelengths. Their images come from the Hubble telescope, or through Vizier and Simbad databases, and thus give a professional quality. It focuses on sky atlas images rather than being a program to show planets, but if your kids are more interested with stars, and if you want to see a clear image of these bodies, then this is the perfect software that you could actually have and download.


If your kids wants the whole package instead of just stars, then this is the perfect one for you. The said app allows you to download images, and then survey what’s in the skies. Through the app, you can see the sun, moon, asteroids, and even the comets. They also have a view of the sun whenever an eclipse would take place, and you also have views of other heavenly bodies. Indeed, this planetarium will take your experience in astronomy up a notch, as the images are clear as clear can be. It allows you to view the heavenly bodies like you would a telescope.

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