Limerence (n): The state of being infatuated or obsessed; usually experienced involuntarily and typically characterized by a strong desire or need.


Limerence is an online publication with a powerful and constant focus on independent music. The artists we cover span the country, and the globe. Our team works hard to cover the talents of emerging-to-signed independent musicians through profiles, reviews, interviews, news stories, show/festival coverings, and more. Because we dwell in the indie-sphere, we also have a strong emphasis on single releases. We are composed of undergraduates, grad-schoolers, and post-grads, all with headphones in one hand and a pen in the other.


Our mission is to shine a light on those dark places in the music world. We only selectively feature music that we find meets the standard for us, and most importantly, our readers. You won’t find any Creedreviews here. We are Limerence and music is the obsession.


Through the realm of independent music, we at Limerence find it important to involve and reward those most active in the community. Our intern program provides undergraduate students with an opportunity to become a critical figure in the music industry. From covering shows, writing articles, and formally interviewing artists, we offer a strong launching pad for enthusiastic student journalists looking to build experience in the area.


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