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Best Karaoke Machines for 2017-2018

Looking for a good Karaoke Machine? Look no more because we bring to you the top Karaoke Machine for 2017. These Karaoke Machines are simple and easy to use and provide you with an amazingly strong output. Once you start using these machines, you would feel like having a Karaoke party every night.

So, check out the reviews of these amazing Karaoke Machines and choose the one which suits you the best!

Ion Audio Tailgater

Cost: $119

One of the most popular Karaoke machines which include a built-in rechargeable battery which allows you to use this system for 50 hours continuously. It can also connect via Bluetooth from a distance of 100 feet and allows you to stream songs and use its Android/iOS app for more control.

It also comes with 50-watt speakers and high-quality woofer for a clear and booming sound. It also includes a built-in FM/AM radio, an auxiliary and microphone input and also a USB power bank to charge your phone while playing the songs.

Singing Machine SML-283P CDG Karaoke Player

Cost: $46

One of the cheapest and best Karaoke machine for your kid is the SML-283P which costs less than $50 and is quite colorful which makes it quite attractive to the kids. This is a compact karaoke system which doesn’t weigh more than 3.8 pounds and has its own speaker with volume control, equalizer, echo and voice controls. It also includes two microphone jacks so you can have fun with your friends while dancing to the disco lights.

It includes a CD+G player and can also play MP3+G files with the help of its auxiliary jack. It is really affordable and great gift for kids. Trust me, your family is just going to love this Karaoke player.

Singing Machine STVG785W

Cost: $127

If you want a Karaoke machine which comes with its own display, then STVG785W is a perfect product. It also includes disco LED lights and a speaker output. You don’t need any additional component, you can just plug this karaoke system and start singing. This system weighs around 9.7 pounds and comes with a 7 inches LCD color monitor which displays all the song lyrics. It also supports both CD+G and MP3+G music formats which makes it more versatile to use.

You can also connect it to a TV to display the song lyrics with the help of the RCA output and with the help of its auxiliary input, you can connect your audio devices with two microphone jacks for duets.

Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition Home Karaoke

Cost: $449

If money is not an issue and you want one of the best quality Home Karaoke System, then this product is perfect for you. It comes with all the components and more and is the perfect karaoke system for a true karaoke fun. If you love Karaoke and don’t want to compromise on the experience, then this is the one for you. Sure, it would cost you a little more than other average karaoke systems but it will give you an experience like no one else. It is portable and includes a 40-watt speaker with a built-in subwoofer to provide you with an amazing sound. It also comes with many amazing features like pitch-correction, hard tune, reverb, voice cancellation, and so on. It also works with smartphones, tablet, computer, and so on, making it really convenient and easy to use.